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In the past 20 years building technologies have evolved faster than the building code. This has led to some homes as young as 6 years old to have moisture problems behind their stucco. This is due to different failures in the building methods used, as well as technology that has not been proven for long term use. Stucco that is in need of remediation is usually the result of moisture infiltration.

Mossy Oak Construction is well versed in Stucco Remediation.  We have the knowledge and experience required to safely and effectively remove the damaged areas, replace and upgrade the moisture barrier, implement water management of the wall system and reinstall an outer surface that will last the tests of time.

Using time proven methods and modern materials, Mossy Oak Construction is on the forefront of Stucco Remediation.

At Mossy Oak Construction we use many methods to remediate your Stucco issues. We tailor each remediation to fit your vision, and work with you every step of the way to guarantee your house is fully free of any rot or water logged stucco.

Often, the best solution to Stucco Remediation is not to replace or repair the existing stucco, but to remove it completely and replace it with James Hardie fiber cement siding.
Beyond remediation, Mossy Oak Construction is your partner in creating an exterior for your home that you truly appreciate for years to come.

Don’t let this continue behind your walls. Mold and rot are hazardous to your family and will degrade your investment dramatically. Mossy Oak Construction offers a 10 year warranty on all Stucco Remediation.

Give us a call today at 717-381-9026 to speak to one of our Stucco Remediation experts and to schedule a free no obligation estimate.

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